Sheep through a different lens…

We’re fortunate enough to live on the side of the Malvern Hills and from our kitchen we can see sheep in the fields just below us.  They usually seem fairly homogenous white blobs against the grass but the recent snow gave me cause to look at them again with my camera … and the result was a re-appraisal of sheep!

Against the snow they looked far more interesting with shades of grey and ochre in their fleeces and faces that were sharply delineated against the landscape – no longer bland and rather stupid looking but individual animals with interesting faces.  I watched them trudging down through the snow to get to the feed the farmer had left and they looked fantastic against the backdrop of the snow on the trees.

I decided that I had probably found the pictures for next year’s Christmas cards and was feeling rather smug.  Momentarily distracted by thoughts of my own breakfast, however, I went flying on an icy patch of snow!  Feet, rucksack and camera in the air – fortunately I managed to protect the camera so all that got hurt was my pride.

On a separate note I’ve just had some of my paintings printed up as greetings cards – I’ll post some pictures of them in the next week or so.SheepSheep (1)